Restructuring in the area of human resources, setting up a reward system and management excellence

A systematic approach to a long-term management system upgrade, focusing on improving the organisation’s Key-Performance-Indicators.

The holistic approach includes an evaluation of the leadership skills of individuals and the management system as a whole, followed by the preparation and implementation of measures to improve these skills.

Measures applied are based on leadership competences and needs identified by the industry and the company concerned and include upgrading or introducing a reward system, staff training, Key-Performance-Indicators and their improvement.


  • Overall assessment of management system
  • Overall evaluation of management staff
  • Establishment of training programmes to improve Key-Performance-Indicators
  • Delivery of training programmes and upskilling of management staff


  • Holistic project approach
  • Results oriented upgrade of management system
  • Upgrade of leadership skills (upskilling) and competences of the management staff involved
  • Improved Key-Performance-Indicators dependent thereof