Company Values

Being focused and acting in the costumer’s best interests

The needs of our costumers always come first. The presented challenges are addressed in a professional and fact-based manner. We continuously adapt our services to the current and future needs of our customers. Our in-house expertise, impeccable reputation and long-term partnership with our customers, based on open communication and mutual trust, together with our longstanding tradition, enable us to develop the best solutions for our customers.

This is our recipe for meeting and exceeding the agreed objectives.

Meeting customer’s needs with persistence, quality, quick reaction and flexibility

Our response to customers’ needs is always swift. Their needs challenge and motivate us. With mutual trust and by adapting to customer’s needs we can jointly assess the prospects of success on the one hand and find the best economic solution on the other.

Our work is of the highest value. We keep our promises with our persistence.

Commitment to our profession

The proposed solutions are professional, appreciated and well sought after by our customers. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, our solutions are based on professional guidelines and knowledge, which we constantly upgrade being aware that high quality services can only be provided by highly qualified professionals.

We are aware that by upgrading our knowledge and skills, we also grow as individuals, and thus can offer ever better services. We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience with others.

Responsibility towards the company and our colleagues

We are proud to say that we are independent and professional at what we do. Or job is always done within the specified deadlines. By understanding our mandate and with mutual respect between all stakeholders, we can justify the trust of our customers, supervisors and colleagues.

Teamwork and open communication are the key to our success. We always strive for such approach and avoid actions that would undermine it. We offer help, when needed.

Our actions are transparent; we remain professional at our job. Whatever the circumstances, the customers’ confidential information are save with us. We are aware of our integrity and reputation and, in order to preserve it, we strongly reject any questionable practices.

My colleagues and I are represented by our success, hence we continuously strive for the optimum result.

Social responsibility creates a better tomorrow

We are aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and we embrace it with open arms. We are happy to answer the call of duty. The time and action devoted to social responsibility satisfy and fulfil us. We are proud to be socially responsible and encourage others to do the same.

Our team

3 Projekt offers services in the field of management and improvement of individual business functions, project management, and corporate governance. Our main focus lies on production, logistics and development.

We have a team of experts, skilled in the field of production, logistics and development. More »