Consultants / Partners

3 Projekt offers services in the field of management and improvement of individual business functions, project management, and corporate governance. Our main focus lies on production, logistics and development.

We have a team of experts, skilled in the field of production, logistics and development.

Igor Žula

Igor Žula is the CEO and owner of 3 Projekt d.o.o. He believes in people, in their abilities, and in their desire to make things better. All his projects are based on this belief, which is why his main principle is to involve his employees as much as possible at all business levels of the companies he works with.

He acts as a highly goal oriented business consultant and has an excellent knowledge of production and logistics systems, having been directly involved in the industry since the beginning of his career. He is an experienced project manager, an expert in information systems, organisational models and methodologies for continuous improvement of business processes.

He has combined the knowledge and experience he has gained in business process reengineering projects (BPR), 20 Keys concept, accelerating progress of business process improvements, implementing various IT solutions and other business projects, into his own 5∆® method, which he successfully applies today to change the businesses for the better.

He has been involved in various business projects both in Slovenia and abroad. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, workshops and round tables. He is also the president of the Slovenian Logistics Association and a guest expert at the Faculty of Logistics.

Tadej Pojbič

Tadej Pojbič

As an Engineer of Logistics, Tadej Pojbič has 25 years of experience in various companies, working in different positions from a clerk to a member of the management board and company director.

Since 2013, he is the CEO of OPTILOG d.o.o. and works as a consultant in the field of Supply Chains Management, logistics, optimization and re-engineering of all types of business processes as well as automation of warehouse processes. At the same time, he is an official advisor to the EBRD and a member of the supervisory board of Adria Airways.

Between 2008 and 2013, he was Director of Logistics and later Executive Director for Logistics and Procurement at Engrotuš d.d. In 2010, where he and his team implemented a project for the automation of logistics processes in the central warehouse of Engrotuš d.d., which still provides the company with optimal costs per unit for prepared and delivered goods. For this project he received the Logistician of the Year Award in 2012, awarded by the Slovenian Logistics Association.

Between 2002 and 2005, he was employed at Maersk Adria as Commercial Director for Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was responsible for market development and for the connection of feeder vessels to home ports.

Between 2005 and 2008 he was the Director of Maersk Logistics d.o.o. covering the entire Balkan region, responsible for selling services and upgrading logistics processes for existing global customers, for acquiring new ones, and providing support to Maersk Line. In 2006, he established Maersk Logistics Ltd. in Croatia to meet the demands of Croatian and Bosnian markets. In 2007, he established the first direct groupage lines to the Port of Koper from 42 different ports in the Far East.

His professional career started between 1993 and 2002 at Intereuropa d.d., Brnik Branch Office, where he was responsible for the collection and delivery of shipments as an Air Shipment Clerk. In 1996, he was promoted to Ljubljana Branch Office as a Head of Export Unit, Senior Transport Organiser and later as the Head of the Export Department.

Robert Biček

Robert Biček

Robert Biček has many years of experience in the management, supervision and administration of companies, particularly in the logistics sector. In 2014, he was appointed as insolvency manager. He is also a member of management board of the Slovenian Logistics Association.

From 2011 to 2015, he was employed by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding, where he was responsible for managing investments focused on transport, energy, finance and companies facing difficulties. Prior to that, he was a CEO of ACK, a logistics holding company offering logistics services in transport of small shipments (TNT), air shipment, mixed shipments (DACHSER), warehousing, rail transport (Fersped d.d.), maritime transport (Adria Cargo Koper), and transport of goods on own vessels.

Prior to that, he has mainly been involved in analysis and valuation of companies in the process of ownership transformation as a consultant. The information system based on these data, which significantly contributed to a number of purchase decisions, has enabled the development of one of the best investment portfolios in the Republic of Slovenia.

He has extensive experience in finance, economics, controlling, accounting, sales, business organisation and digitalisation, market strategy, and other managerial functions (such as HRM, corporate governance, and vast knowledge of business related legal regulations), which are essential for the running of modern and well-managed companies.

He believes, that building a high quality and motivated team, that grows from its own achievements and is continuously encouraged to improve and to foster improvements, is the greatest success of a company. In his opinion, the biggest challenge of any leader is mastering the ability to getting things done through people.

Robert Ličen

Robert Ličen holds a PhD in Sociology (2016) – Motivation of Middle Management in Slovenia and MSc in Business Administration (2000) – Business Administration and Management from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. Before that, he graduated in General Management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Kranj in 1994.

After graduation, he pursued his employment at Tobačna Ljubljana, where he worked from 1994 to 2001, until he joined Akrapovič d.o.o. as the CEO. Under his leadership, the former crafts firm transformed into a modern enterprise, and for this project he won the Young Manager of the Year Award presented by The Managers’ Association of Slovenia in 2005. In 2005, he took over the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Steklarna Rogaška, where he and his team implemented a project of company restructuring, for which he won a Manager Challenge Award 2007 in Crisis Management. In 2007, joined the company Gorenje as an Advisor to the President of the Management Board. In 2009, he founded his own consulting company Profit Plus, where he works as a coach, mentor and lecturer to entrepreneurs and managers in the field of governance, organisation and process management. At the beginning of 2017, as a result of his longstanding experience in working with entrepreneurs, he founded the Pegasus Entrepreneurial Centre, an institute for networking and educating entrepreneurs, as he believes that such a centre, based on positive values, knowledge and networking, can provide comprehensive support in their development.

He is also a columnist, an active and regular participant and speaker at international conferences in the field of management and family-run businesses, and the author of more than a hundred articles in various publications.

He has been a member of the Supervisory Board of various organisations: Luminus (Chairman), Peko (Chairman), SID Banka (Member and Member of the Audit Committee), Sava (Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Audit Committee) in v DARS (Chairman), and currently holds the position of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board in Hranilnica Lon. He is a member of the Rotary Club Ljubljana Grad.

Nejc Zafran

Nejc Zafran graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana with a degree in management and was the top of his class. During his studies, he was a member of the Steering Committee of Master’s Program in Management and has won numerous awards, the most notable of which was the Award for Outstanding Study Achievements.

He has extensive experience in transport and logistics as well as in production industry and services. He was involved in a number of EU projects, where he gained invaluable experience in project management. He is a Certified Internal Auditor according to ISO 9001:2015. Due to his experience, he is an expert in networking and identifying costumers’ needs, which results in coordinated, efficient, and goal oriented problem solving. In addition to logistics, he is also an expert in the field of procurement (cooperation with CIRTUO GmbH) and business organisation based on organisational and process approach. He also enjoys working with ISO Standards and Business Excellence Standard.

He is constantly improving and expanding his knowledge and is continually attending training courses. As a Member of an Expert Council in Purchasing Association of Slovenia and a member of Slovenian Logistics Association, he is constantly deepening his skills in the field of purchasing and logistics. He is also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the international honour society.

Mitja Aš

In his 20 years of management experience, Mitja Aš has held the positions of Director General, CEO, Crisis Manager, Sales Director, founder of a company, etc. He is a post-graduate in Economics with a specialisation in management. He has gained extensive practical experience in business management, sales, purchasing, strategy and planning, as well as in reorganisation and optimisation of business processes in companies. His vast experience in the field of entrepreneurship comes from founding and managing several successful companies, both in Slovenia and abroad:

Business Consulting and Coaching, Mitja Aš s.p., founder and owner; Trival kompoziti d.o.o., Director General; Lipis d.o.o., CEO; Modularne hiše d.o.o., owner and Director; M mobil d.o.o., procurist; Tisno turist d.o.o., owner and Director; Adria Dom d.o.o. (nomination for Gazela Award), Director General; Lipov gaj d.o.o., co-owner and Director; Mias d.o.o., Owner and Director; Adecco H.R. d.o.o., Branch Director; Adecco H.R. d.o.o., Director Adecco Automotive; Bartog d.o.o.: Sales Director, etc.

Franci Pušenjak

Franci Pušenjak works as a business consultant and has more than 35 years of experience in consulting and designing of new business processes in companies. He is the owner and director of his own consulting company, ‘LOMA consulting’, Ljubljana. As an expert in organisation, process optimisation and continuous improvement, he has been involved in the establishment of numerous logistics centres both in Slovenia and abroad,.

He has studied various organisational models both in theory and in practice, which he has then successfully implemented in the business systems of many Slovenian companies. In addition to logistics, he is also involved in purchasing, marketing and production processes, which are among the most demanding, complex and cost-sensitive processes in any company.

The basic approach of his operation is the introduction of the LEAN Concept. In addition, designing and improving of business processes require innovative ideas and approaches, which he integrates in his projects in various Slovenian companies. He has gained his knowledge by participating in a number of excellent interdisciplinary teams and by adopting best practices from the most advanced business environments in Europe and in the USA.

He is a member of the Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia, Slovenian Logistics Association, as well as some other expert associations in Slovenia. He lectures both at higher educational level as well as in various seminars, conferences and training events, where he shares the vast knowledge he has gained through his extensive experience in the field of business consulting.

Igor Hudin

Igor Hudin graduated in Business informatics. Following his studies in Business Informatics, he worked in practically all areas of information and communication technology, starting with his employment with ‘Impol Slovenska Bistrica’, where he further developed his knowledge and gained important experience in the field of IT as a programmer and later as a systems engineer in the IBM environment.

At ‘TAM d.d.’, he actively participated in the company’s restructuring as a head of the company’s subsidiary ‘Tam informatika in sistemska logistika d.d.’, where he could demonstrate his creativity by developing several radically new services that were very well received by the costumers.

Later on, he pursued his career in ‘Pošta Slovenije’, where he organised the IT processes. He initiated the implementation of new services, the e-services, which he first studied from a strategic and tactical to an operational point of view, and finally brought to life. He was the project manager of the ‘Post on line’ project, where he introduced several new e-services (digital certificate issuer, Alternative Information Centre, My Post, Business Mail, eArchive, electronic service of G2C and C2G documents). For his achievements, he won the CIO of the Year Award – the first of its kind ever presented in the Republic of Slovenia. The introduction of new electronic services has significantly improved the visibility and recognition of ‘Pošta Slovenije’ as an enterprise that keeps pace with modern times.

Since 2009, he has been working for the consulting company, ‘3 Logit d.o.o.’ as a consultant, mentor and project manager in the field of informatisation, management and digital transformation. He has been involved in several major high-profile projects addressing the modernisation of bank information systems. Recently, he has been focusing on digital transformation, fostering the breakthrough innovative solutions of companies and thus harnessing his creative potential. He is particularly skilled in identifying the development perspectives of information systems in relation to digital transformation.