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We improve efficiency of the key business functions and of a company as a whole. We focus primarily on production and logistics, with all the related processes involved. We have the know-how! We are doers not just tellers! Professional and fair attitude, project management, commitment to deliver results and the ability to communicate clearly and openly are the main virtues that underpin our activities.

Our services:

Comprehensive Improvement of Production and Logistics Processes

Logistics is a commercial activity that manages the flow of material from source to a consumer, both within and between businesses. It encompasses both the physical flow of materials as well as the flow of information from the supplier, through the manufacturer and retailer to the consumer…

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5∆® – Improvement of Work Productivity

Our project-based approach, the improvement and integration of innovative activities, the establishment of methods to measure and monitor progress, as well as the setting up of the system for recognising value-added work are the factors that contribute to efficiency improvement…

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Energy Efficiency in Business

Systematic approach includes an analysis of the company’s energy situation, a survey of energy consumers, a survey of energy technologies currently in use, the identification of possible energy efficiency measures and projects, and the development of an action plan…

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Restructuring in Human Resources and Reward Systems

Measures applied are based on leadership competences and the needs identified by the industry and the company concerned, and include upgrading or setting up of the employees reward systems, training, key indicators of the company and measures…

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The investment is part of the measures of the outline, financed by the mechanism: https://www.gov.si/zbirke/projekti-in-programi/nacrt-za-okrevanje-in-odpornost