Comprehensive digital transformation of a company


Digital transformation can be defined as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, resulting in a fundamental change in the way the business operates, and creating concrete and tangible benefits for customers. It is the process of transition from an old-fashioned business approach to a modern and advanced way of working and thinking, using digital, social, mobile and other future and emerging technologies.

Our key objective is a holistic transformation of the entire organisation. Effective transformation requires holistic approaches to employing digital technology in optimisation of business models and processes in order to deliver the best possible user experience.


  • „One stop shop’ for companies
  • Holistic project approach
  • Current state assessment and analysis
  • Comprehensive assessment of current state from the business activities perspective
  • Comprehensive assessment of current state from the perspective of digital support
  • Implementation of digital transformation
  • Preparation of digital transformation strategy
  • Drawing up tender document
  • Providing support, consultancy and assistance with selecting a solution
  • Providing support, consultancy and assistance with concluding a contract with external provider of digital solutions
  • Providing assistance in solutions implementation
  • Drawing up functional specifications
  • Project management


Digital transformation is first and foremost acquiring the ability to adapt to the requirements of the digital era in order to gain competitive advantage in the market and to ensure the long-term viability of a company.

It bridges the gap between the expectations of digital customers and the existing analogue solutions. It creates new, innovative and efficient business models.

The effects can be seen in:

  • Generally healthy operation of a company, long-term viability, adaptation of new business models and indirect impact on the profitability of a company
  • Constant increase of competitive advantage
  • Bridging the gap between the customers’ expectations and the existing company’s offer
  • Staff satisfaction