Flexible production


The aim of flexible production is to organize all business functions in a way that allows a high level of responsiveness and flexibility in production with minimal time losses from order to completion under the conditions required by small batch production.


  • Providing strategic guidelines and coordinating development activities and investments
  • Establishing efficient operational production preparations function and improving the planning system
  • Establishing an efficient purchasing function and strengthening partnerships with suppliers
  • Establishing an efficient sales function and strengthening partnerships with customers
  • Establishing an efficient and target oriented development process
  • Strengthening R&D skills in line with the strategic guidelines and developing relevant competences
  • Establishing dynamic production, independent of batch size, by means of One-Piece-Flow system
  • Upgrading polyvalence of production staff and setting up the automatic control


  • Reasonable implementation of various methodologies: 8D, FMEA, Poka YOKE, 5 WHYs, ISHIKAWA, SMTP, VSM
  • High competitiveness of the company also in small batch production
  • Higher productivity / improved efficiency
  • Better quality and lower quality assurance costs
  • Flexible and dynamic development teams => efficient development and Technological preparation of production
  • Lower purchase costs
  • Improved co-operation with suppliers and implementation of a Supply Chain System
  • Systematic control over sales markets and target costumers

Business functions include:

  • Sales / marketing
  • Development
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Human resources
  • General management
  • Financing and Controlling